Sash is a freelance theater director in New York City.

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SDC Associate




Fuck Marry Kill                                                                           James Presson                                                        Less Than Rent

Flee                                                                                            Stephanie Del Rosso                                              Colt Coeur

The Box Show                                                                            Dominique Salerno                                                 NYC Fringe

The Box Show                                                                            Dominique Salerno                                                 United Solo Theatre Festival



Shrek the Musical (Resident Director)                                       Tesori/Lindsay-Abaire                                              National Tour

Long Division                                                                            James Presson                                                         Portland Center Stage

Fuck Marry Kill                                                                           James Presson                                                        LCT (Lab Workshop)

Flee                                                                                           Stephanie Del Rosso                                               NYSAF /  Naked Angels

The (White) Party                                                                       Amina Henry                                                            Clubbed Thumb

Talk to Me of Love                                                                    Meghan Kennedy                                                     Williamstown

Swept                                                                                        Nick Gandiello                                                         Williamstown

Babs the Dodo                                                                          Michael Mitnick                                                        Williamstown

Candyland: This is the Train to Babylon                                    Nick Gandiello                                                         Ars Nova

Life                                                                                             Erica Saleh                                                              Ars Nova

Taboo                                                                                        Sofia Alvarez                                                            Ars Nova

How the Moon Would Talk                                                         Nick Gandiello                                                         Keen Company

Hotel                                                                                          Susan Stanton                                                         The Civilians

Eleven Shades of Blue                                                               Amy Witting                                                             Pipeline Theatre Company

The Ninth Hour                                                                          Shayfer James / Kate Douglas                                 Rockwood Music Hall

54Below Concert                                                                       EllaRose Chary / Brandon James Gwinn                  54Below

Norway                                                                                      Claire Keichel                                                           The _____ Space

Un-Utero                                                                                    Kristin Slaney                                                           Columbia MFA Program

Top Girls                                                                                     Caryl Churchill                                                         NYU / Stella Adler

The Box Show                                                                            Dominique Salerno                                                  Radd Theatre Company

i should save this                                                                       Katy Pinke                                                                Dixon Place

The Box Show                                                                            Dominique Salerno                                                  Dixon Place

An Epic Life                                                                                Amina Henry                                                            Women's Proj./NYMadness

Bodega Pricing                                                                          Reina Hardy                                                             Pipeline Theater Company

The Johnsons                                                                            Amina Henry                                                            Magic Time (Judson)

The (White) Party                                                                        Amina Henry                                                            National Black Theater

The Old Forever-New Things                                                    Dan Kitrosser                                                           TerraNOVA Collective

#serials                                                                                      Sarah DeLappe                                                        The Flea

The Age of Man                                                                         Rosa Gilmore                                                           NYU Grad

Mine                                                                                           Bekah Brunstetter                                                   Chautauqua

Bratton Late-Night Cabaret                                                        N/A                                                                          Chautauqua

Cold                                                                                           Mat Smart                                                                 Williamstown

Seven Categories                                                                      Michael Mitnick                                                        Williamstown

Stars in the Grass                                                                       Sash Bischoff                                                           Williamstown

All For Joe                                                                                  Joe Pizza, Producer Andrew Leynse                       Primary Stages

Anything For You                                                                        Cathy Celesia                                                          Atlantic School

A Social Event                                                                            William Inge                                                             Atlantic School

The Milkman, the Paperboy, Evening TV                                    Kevin Armento                                                        Ugly Rhino

convos                                                                                        Katy Pinke                                                               JUNK

The Release                                                                               Mike Poblete                                                           September Play Project

She Loves Me                                                                            Masteroff/Harnick/Bock                                           Princeton Summer Theater

Urinetown: The Musical                                                              Hollman/Kotis                                                         Princeton Summer Theater

Various children’s plays                                                              N/A                                                                         Writopia

First Kiss                                                                                      S. Bailie                                                                  Blue Box Productions

Angels in America: Parts I and II                                                  Kushner                                                                  Princeton University

The Flood                                                                                    Mills/Reichel                                                           Princeton University




The Gabriels                                                                               Richard Nelson                                                        The Public Theater

Shrek the Musical                                                                       Stephen Sposito                                                      International Tour



The Visit                                                                                     John Doyle                                                               Broadway

On the Town                                                                              John Rando                                                              Broadway

How to Succeed…                                                                      Rob Ashford                                                             Broadway

Cinderella (workshop)                                                                Choreo. Chris Bailey                                                Broadway

Shrek                                                                                         Stephen Sposito                                                       National Tour

How the Grinch Stole Christmas                                                Matt August                                                              Madison Square Garden

Pirandello’s Henry IV                                                                 Jack O’Brien                                                             Red Bull

All in the Timing                                                                         John Rando                                                              Primary Stages

The Mound Builders                                                                   Jo Bonney                                                                Signature Theatre

An Early History of Fire                                                              Jo Bonney                                                                The New Group

You Better Sit Down                                                                   Anne Kauffman                                                        The Civilians

February House                                                                         Davis McCallum                                                        NYSAF

The Visit                                                                                     John Doyle                                                               Williamstown

Western Country                                                                        Davis McCallum                                                        Williamstown

In A Word                                                                                   Ethan Heard                                                              Williamstown

Core Values                                                                               Carolyn Cantor                                                          Ars Nova

Nymph Errant                                                                             Davis McCallum                                                        Prospect Theater

Chimichangas and Zoloft                                                           Jaime Castañeda                                                      Atlantic

Believers                                                                                    Karen Kohlhaas                                                        Atlantic

As You Like It                                                                             Jackson Gay                                                            Chautauqua

The Philadelphia Story                                                               Andrew Borba                                                          Chautauqua

Everything Is Ours                                                                      Adrienne Campbell-Holt                                           Chautauqua

Max and Ruby                                                                            Tracy Bersley                                                            Theatreworks USA

Nate the Great                                                                           Tracy Bersley                                                            Theatreworks USA

First Love                                                                                   Hal Brooks                                                                Eff It Club

Hello Again                                                                               Tracy Bersley                                                             CAP21



Princeton University                                                                     BA , Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Theater



The Civilians R&D Group                                                          Director                                                                       Steve Cosson

National Directors Fellowship Finalist (2016-2017)                    Director                                                                      Wendy Goldberg

Lincoln Center Directors Lab                                                    Director                                                                       Anne Cattaneo

Drama League Beatrice Terry Residency Finalist                     Director                                                                       Roger Danforth

Williamstown Theater Festival                                                  DA                                                                               Laura Savia

Chautauqua Theater Company                                                Directing Fellow                                                           Vivienne Benesch

SDC 2011 Traube Fellow                                                          AD                                                                                How to Succeed…

Williamstown Theater Festival                                                 DI                                                                                  Amanda Charlton

Princeton Theatre Award                                                         Directing                                                                       Angels in America